Module 1 & 2 IHTP  16-23 july 2020 in Glastonbury UK.

More information follows later.




Prep school 11 and 12 July 9:00-17:00
€ 150,00

Introduction day  13 July  9:00-17:00 uur
€ 75,00

Meet and greet CTHP graduates 19 July 18:00- 22:00

Workshops for graduates  20 & 21 July 9:00-17:00 uur
€ 250,00


Musical presentation IHTP 13 July 20.00 uur
Concert with Christina Tourin and Andrea Salvatore (singer)
Entrance €10,00


IHTP Level 1 attendance week  14 - 20 july
€ 1250,00


Christina Tourin (VS)~ Jan Jonker ~ Els Denessen

Jolanda Hoogers ~ Noya Nachmany
Alix Colin (B) ~ Lies Joosten

Margaret Forrest ~ Liesbeth Schroen

The introductionday and the prepschool give an impression of what the IHTP program is about. It can be a step up to join the level 1 program in 2019 or later. The Prep-school program on 11 and 12 july prepares students for level 1 and is a way to learn how to play in the modes and with improvisation.
Beginners, intermediates and advanced players are welcome and practice on their own level.


Workshops for graduates  20 & 21 July 9:00-17:00 uur

Daniel Perret – How to play the harp beyond the music?

Eager to master your improvisation skills and reach the realm of beautiful, free, and sensitive music ? This workshop is about learning to balance the elements in your music, how to open your being to a devotional musical endeavor and to play the harp beyond the usual musical goals.
Daniel Perret (France) is a very experienced music-therapist, harpist, healer and writer. He considers the harp as being an ideal instrument that can contribute to healing nature, people and also affect the spiritual world.





Daniel Perret Biography
For the last 35-40 years I have been studying and teaching spiritual healing and the subtle effects of sound. I have published several books on these subjects. I work with spiritual development in groups and individual sessions (also over skype). I have been a musician for the last 50 years, a harpist since 1980 and a music therapist at the hospital of Brive’s children’s clinic for 14 years. In recent years my work as, what you could call a spiritual harpist, has lead me to explore the origins of our inspirations and the cooperation with spirit beings of the divine field as well as nature spirits. My understanding of sound healing includes five factors:  the level of consciousness of the sound healer, the quality of the music instrument, the musical elements used, the openness of the listener, the energies of the place and moment. 

The word ‘spiritual’ refers to a higher level of consciousness, which is in fact our most natural and easiest state of being and endeavors to stay linked to the divine field. How do we get there?
My work uses four pillars:  meditation (reaching silence), creative expression (reaching egoless authentic expression), transformation exercises (dissolution of the ego) and the devotional aspect (prayer and cooperation with spirit beings). This is a fascinating exploration as it gives us a glimpse of the higher subtle effects of our harp playing very much needed in our time.

Everyone can learn to better perceive the inner quality of a person or a piece of music. I teach the five elements earth, water, fire, air, space as a wonderful bridge between the energy system of the individual and the quality of a music piece. Most authentic, spontaneous and feeling music interpretation reflects who you are and where you are at and thus can be used to open new quality spaces in us. Knowingly using the quality of an element can sometimes help the person where he/she needs the most at the moment.

Considering some five levels of conceptionalising can help finding appropriate music for people (at the end of life or to help people to transform their habits…). This can a.o. be helped by absence of repetitiveness in rhythm, melody and harmonic structure. I call this the third level of musical conception. The first one would use all of these elements, the second a more multilayered type of composition and a fourth would emphasize stillness, prayer and refined feelings. The fifth level we could consider to be the Divine level.

Depending on the participant’s needs and requests we will work along these lines. Then, if you can write to me your preliminary questions, reflections or suggestions, don’t hesitate!




€30,00 per day for lunch and dinner (vegetarian)
€ 5,00 for using the centres facilities

When you register you get a list of places where you can stay. Camping in the garden of the Butterfly garden is also possible.

Prep school €150,00 ( 2 days for beginners), Prepschool intermediates or advanced 2 days €150,00 ,  Introductionday (13 july)  €75,00 ;
Level 1 €1250,00; Level 2 €1250,00  ; Graduates workshop € 250,00

For more information and registration you can contact:
Team IHTP Europe

M 0031-6-18257160  General coordinator Liesbeth Schroen  
E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Lisa Joosten Coreteam member

W ;

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