PROGRAM 2020 - 2021


During the year there are several moments of practice playing modal music and improvisation with teachers in the Netherlands. You can find the dates on the Dutch part of this website with all the contact information.

Module 1  IHTP  24-30 july 2021 in  The Netherlands

Module 2 IHTP 27 june- 4 july 2021 Glastonbury UK.

Glastonbury, where the vision of Christina Tourin started: a therapeutic harpplayer for every hospital and hospice in 2020!
30 Years she has worked on this goal and still going strong for this. Now with several teams in the world supporting her. For IHTP Europe we usually teach the program in the Netherlands since 2015, but this year we will meet in Glastonbury.




IHTP Module 1 and 2 attendance week  2021
€ 1450,00 each


Christina Tourin (VS)~ Els Denessen

Alix Colin (B) ~ Lies Joosten

Margaret Forrest ~ Liesbeth Schroen


Breakfast at the B&B; lunches and diners in restaurants nearby, or cooking in the kitchen.

Daisycentre Glastonbury (as long as there is space) or other B&B in the area.
For the Netherlands you can receive a list of options for B&B.

Prep school September 2021 9:00-17:00 Netherlands
€ 175,00 (incl. and drinks)


The prepschool gives an impression of what the IHTP program is about. It can be a step up to join the module 1 program in 2020 or later. The Prep-school program prepares students for module 1 and is a way to learn how to play in the modes and with improvisation.
Beginners, intermediates and advanced players are welcome and practice on their own level.

Teachers: Margaret Forrest and Lies Joosten
Adress: St. Antoniusstraat 45 Heythuysen, Netherlands


For more information and registration you can contact:
Team IHTP Europe

M 0031-6-18257160  General coordinator Liesbeth Schroen  
E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

W ;

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