Module 2

Where you will be introduced to and have practice in the following:

Working with resonance in harp therapy
The Celtic Circle
The grief and dying process and the elements
Working with Alzheimers, the dying, people with special needs and brain damage, and neonatology
The Rainbow of Sound Programme and working with groups
Homework will comprise:

Your report of the study week
Recordings of 5 pieces of the elements (from ‘Illuminations’ by Christina Tourin) + 2 extra songs: ‘Claire de Lune’ and ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’
Recording of 33 songs in 11 music styles (refrains)
35 hours of Internship
Completion of your book reports and portfolio
During the course you will be guided by your Mentor who is a CTHP (Certified Harp Therapy Practitioner).

The costs:
Module 2: 1495,00 Euro's for 1 attendance week, online lessons and 1,5 year study.

Food and drink:
There will be cooked and served vegetarian lunch and dinner everyday at a cost of 35,00 Euro's per day, inclusive of all drinks and location facilities.

When you register you will get an accommodation list where you can book a B&B or hotel in the area.

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