Your Mentor

Your Mentor is an involved and experienced Therapeutic Harpist and graduate of The IHTP. You will be assigned a Mentor, who will guide you during the self-study period of the programme. We ensure a good match between student and Mentor. We look at your interests, harp experience and of course your language. You will already have learned a great deal during the internal lesson week in Heythuysen in the Summer.
Your Mentor will be able to understand more about you from your original application form which will  assist us in making the best possible Mentor/student match.


The Role of the Mentor

The Mentor is your point of contact throughout the course. She is responsible for receiving and evaluating your homework submissions (book reports, papers) and the musical assignments that you send digitally. You will have contact together via email, Skype, or phone approximately once a month, usually at the end of a Module. Your Mentor will check your submissions, answer your questions and provide constructive feedback.

He/she is there to give you all the support, guidance, encouragement and constructive feedback you need to get the most from your investment and provides you with 15 hours support in total. 10 hours for Level 1 and 5 hours for Level 2. Mentor fees are paid out of your course entry fee. If you need more time from your Mentor this must be arranged separately between you both.

Your Mentor also keeps a finger on the pulse of your progress, working together with you to support the achievement of your study targets. Mentors offer support with planning your Internship and help guide you through completion of all the homework assignments plus the compilation and completion of your digital portfolio for submission at the end of the course.


Harp lesson

The Mentor is a skilled harpist and is there to give support and feedback on your musical submissions. They are not your personal harp teacher. The IHTP encourages you to find your own teacher to support you with technique, interpretation and music theory. If desired, IHTP can provide tips on a suitable harp teacher in your area, or recommend teachers via Skype class.



For questions about the structure and requirements of the programme please refer to our comprehensive student manual, the homework assignments and our website.