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Graduatesdays 2024 Masterclasses Harp and Voice

Saturday July 20th
Create a cradle of sound with voice and harp.

Create a cherished sound with voice and harp In this introductory workshop, Buvana takes you by the hand and focuses on the power of sounds – to give yourself an intuitive healing sound bath through the voice – and to open up in improvising with sound – from there to connect and weave the sounds into your harp playing – to finally give and receive this unique gift to each other It promises to be a special day…

Buvana says; ‘Growing up in a musical family, I have always been interested in healing, healing and spirituality in addition to music. That is why I founded “Temple Source, center for awareness and transformation”, in which these pillars are also reflected. Music has always been very healing for me; as an open gate to my inner self and at the same time so connecting in the outside world. Especially in devotional music, what I call “temple music”, I can, so to speak, recharge my batteries. The harp and the voice have traditionally been natural instruments par excellence for temple music and healing. I soon noticed that this can also deeply touch and move other people and can even initiate spontaneous healing. From inner inspiration, composed songs gradually emerged, in which “sound, light language and mantras” weave together. In addition to giving concerts at home and abroad, both solo and with other musicians, I also started giving temple source workshops and mantra circles. Nothing makes me happier than to create a “sacred space” together from the heart in which we are invited to come home to our divine nature. You can find more information about the activities and the music at www.tempelbron.

Sunday July 21st
Singing with Harp and Soul – Masterclass by Daniëlle Uriël

Daniëlle is a harpist and singer, based in Zutphen , the Netherlands. She started learning classical harp as a young kid and later on in life grew into a spiritual harpist and singer. Daniëlle combines her background as a therapist and her experience in offering music during psychedelic ceremonies, in which she learned how to work with energy through the harp and voice. Now, she offers therapeutic sessions and gives concerts on various occasions where people can open and soften their hearts, and use their voice.
During this masterclass Daniëlle will let you experience how to sing with your harp and how to become a soft, open, powerful channel with your strings and voice to take your listeners on an inner journey with you.
The day will be filled with:

Time: 10.00 am – 5 pm each day
Contribution: 250,00 ( early bird before May 1st 225,00) for the weekend
Attend: ask for a registrationform at


We are happy to announce a one evening concert in the Netherlands by the South American Patrice Fisher and her jazzband.
You are very welcome to join us by following the link:
Tickets online:

10 euros
July 26th 8 pm De Bombardon
St. Antoniusstraat 2, 6093GA Heythuysen Netherlands

Patrice Fisher:
Latin jazz harpist/composer, PATRICE FISHER favors the music of New Orleans, Brazil and
Cuba, saying that, not only is the harp ‘comfortable’ harmonically with the music, but that
she herself is drawn to the rhythmic complexities and syncopations: “that’s what makes you
want to dance.” Patrice has 16 CDs of original music, the latest being “Happy Socks.” She has
performed for more than 35 years at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. “An
unexpected delight!” raves David Fricke of Rolling Stone Magazine. Gene Scaramuzzo of
Gambit newspaper says “There are many sides to this local composer/harpist. It’s not
unusual to see her play a classical gig in the morning and a music club at night. Strong
rhythms form the undercurrent of her instrumental music with Arpa.”

Dr. Klaus Lumma:
Dr. KLAUS “FATS” LUMMA is a German trumpeter and counselor. He’s been a regular guest
of the Louisiana Gestalt Institute and the New Orleans French Quarter Festival. After
Hurricane Katrina, together with legendary Father LeDoux and Harpist, Patrice Fisher, he
brought his mobile art-therapy studio regularly to New Orleans for Post-Trauma-Counseling,
working together with St. Augustine church, Tulane Medical Centre, schools and
kindergartens. In Germany, they teach this concept of Music Art Therapy to the students of
the Institute for Humanistic Psychology IHP

CARLOS VALLADARES is a professional percussionist who lives in New Orleans. He was born in
Guatemala, where he studied percussion with Lenin Fernandez of the group Alux Nahual. He also
studied with Brazilian percussionists, Ton Toy and Giba Conceicao and Mexican percussionist, Javier
Cabrera. Carlos moved to New Orleans in 1988 and married harpist, Patrice Fisher. Since then, he has
been working in Patrice Fisher’s Arpa group. He has participated in five recording projects with Arpa,
including their latest CD, Happy Socks. Carlos has performed at festivals in Germany, Canada,
Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil and El Salvador He has performed at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage
Festival annually since 1989.