Content of the program

Content of the program

Module 1

  • Meeting and Mastering the Modes.
  • Improvising by understanding the Modes
  • Empathic listening
  • Self knowledge and communication with NLP and Transactional analyses
  • Alexander technique
  • Hospice and hospital etiquette
  • Music therapy and Harp therapy
  • The grief and dying process
  • Cymatics
  • Anatomy
  • Working with cognitive disfunctions, end of life, traumatic
    brain injury, neo-natal care and special needs.

Module 1 starts with an attendance week followed by a one year study at home, under guidance of a mentor.



  • Students should plan on 40-65 hours in
    Module 1 of reading, watching videos, book reports,
    reflections and submissions to the portfolio in the student
    portal. This does not include harp practice that we
    recommend 45mins. to 1 hour 5 days a week.

Module 2

  • Understanding resonance in harptherapy
  • Celtic Circle modulations
  • Entrainment
  • Applying Elemental Music for balancing energies
  • First 6 Creative Harping Lessons with song/improvisation
    submitted into the Student Portal.
  • Interactive work

Module 2 starts with an attendance week, followed by 1,5 year at home study. When the student is ready for graduation he/she will receive a certificate/diploma and a pin of IHTP.


  • Report of the study week
  • Remainder of the 4 Creative Harping Lessons submitted
    into the Student Portal
  • Recording of 5 pieces of the elements+ 2 extra songs:
    Claire de Lune and Somewhere over the rainbow
  • 1 outstanding piece of music that represents your playing
  • Recording of 33 songs in 11 music styles (refrains and
    melody only)
  • Of the 80 Internship hours required for Certification, 45
    hours is required by the NSBTM Accreditation Board of
    patient visits. 35 of those hours required employing
    Resonant Tone and written reflections for the IHTP
    Certification. The remaining 35 hours are reserved for
    more experience, lessons, projects for recommended by
    the IHTP for the student.
  • Outline submission of a creation of a 45-60 minute
    thematic program in a binder format that can be used in a
    group setting. (Back up music, poetry, activities, songs to
    be played, props needed, stories).
  • Finish book reports and portfolio


Module 3

  • Using harp and voice in end of life care
  • Learning about different cultures
  • Medical background
  • How to use your healing voice
  • How to use your harpmusic
  • Learning about relations
  • Working in a team
  • Personal process
  • And more…..


This extra module will start in Octobre 2024 in the Netherlands and in the winter of 2025 in Los Angeles.
The module starts with an attendance week and afterwards one year at home study, under guidance of a mentor.
During the year the student studies the materials, makes assignments and has an internship in a hospice.

This module is for graduates from IHTP and graduates from other musical and therapeutical backgrounds.

More information follows later.

During the course you will be guided by a mentor who is an CTHP  (Certified Harp Therapy Practitioner).


Download here the Student Handbook for Module 1 and 2.

IHTP Aff.StudentHandbook-jan 2023 ed 3



The IHTP is an accredited program by the National Standards Board of Therapeutic Musicians. Click here to go to their website.