Do you want to support our Healing Harp Foundation and/or offer somebody, a hospice or healthcare facility harptherapy? We can take care for a certified therapeutic harpplayer (CTHP) at the location of your wish.

Your donation is very welcome!

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With support of the Healing Harp Foundation we organise international projects to bring more harp therapy in the world.

A Harp for Honduras!

Healing Harp Foundation is involved in creating a harp school in Honduras. In 2023, Lies Joosten traveled to Central America to train musicians on therapeutic bedside music. These trainings where very well received and will be continued. The Honduran Ministry for Social Development already started a project on artistic interventions for vulnerable groups and Lies provided an online training in November for artists.

January 2024 she is visiting the region again, this time with a handful of lever harps! Together with our friend, harpist and teacher Brendy Boj from Guatemala she will start a school in Honduras. This is the first harp school ever in Honduras and the spirits are high!

Brendy is very experienced and willing to give online lessons and bring a locally crafted harps to Honduras. The instruments and lessons will be hosted my music academy of Foundation FARECOH.

Healing Harp Foundation continues to raise funds for a lever harp with transport cover, strings, and harp classes by Brendy for youth and teenagers in Honduras:

Donations to support this dream will be appreciated:

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Brendy Boj will provide a master class on latin american music for lever harp in the spring of 2024.

We will inform you in due time