For those wanting to explore and deepen their experience of therapeutic harp playing, it is possible to join us in the Prep School. These harp workshops will help you discover and practise the basic skills and techniques used for this very sensitive work, and will include an introduction to intuitive harp playing. Our Prep School is tailored for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students, depending on your level of playing.

From Prep School you can be guided to the full IHTP course where you will study the curriculum and have plenty of time to practice and complete the Module 1 and 2 homework assignments.

The 2 day Prep School will be held just before the commencement of the Level 1 week in July every year. On completion of the Prep School students can go straight into the full Level 1 training with Christina Tourin.

NB: We organise workshops throughout the year to enable you to stay connected with us and your new harpfriends from the trainings, and to continue practising your therapeutic harp skills.

Your Teacher/Mentors:
Liesbeth Schroen, Margaret Forrest and Lies Joosten are the teachers for the beginners, intermediates and advanced players. Liesbeth, Lies and Margaret are all IHTP Graduates.

Other workshops:
Other CTHP Graduates will be running workshops in the future. You can find more information about this in the training Agenda.